27. marts 2013

A little DIY project ❘ Printer's Type Case

As I haven't been very inspired to post posts lately I decided I'd share a quick DIY project that takes less than a day and hardly costs anything.

Easter is upon us and instead of getting my usual chocolate easter egg from my mum she went out and bought me a cute little printer's type case, something that made my creative fingers very happy indeed.
Seeing as I tend to change my mind quite a lot I knew I had to decorate it wisely which is why I decided to go with the safest color ever; white. White goes well with every color so I'll be able to put it in every room no matter what. But white can be a little dull and cold as well sometimes so I found some different patterns and cut them out to fit into the little spaces. They're not glued or stuck onto the case in any way so changing the pattern or switching it to a different space is not a problem.

All in all it's the cutest and safest printer's type case for a shabby decor lover slash indecisive person like myself :)

You can put anything in it as well - so far I haven't got anything in it, but I did try with some cute little figures and even with some nail polish. What would you put in it? x

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oooh I love that. It's my kind of thing :)) So precious & I love what you did to it too, even better!! Well done doll xx

  2. Awh this is so cute and simple yet creative! Great idea!xx


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