28. februar 2013

I'm not all smiles and sunshine (my negative traits)

Last Sunday a little part of the blogger community had it's usual Sunday chat under the #lblogger hashtag and the topic was somthing about being truthful on your blog, whether you're showing your true self or kind of sugar coating everything a bit to make it seem more dazzling. I found that really interesting, people came with some very honest answers and it instantly had me thinking: am I portraying a rose tinted version of my own life on the web?

I would like to say a big no but it's a little bit more complicated than that. Everything I put on this blog is 100% truthfully me and no one else, however, it is definitely different to the person most people meet in real life. I write what I think here (at least I try to, still missing a few words and phrases from time to time since English isn't my first language) but I don't speak what I think. Does that make sense to you?

Obviously I like to highlight the good in my life, not for anybody else to think better of me, but so I can take a step back and really fully enjoy what I have in my life. Like the '10 things that made me happy this week' post that's going a bit around on several blogs - it's not because we're showing off with all the greatness that happens in our lifes - at least not for me - it's to appreciate the small things and perhaps make other people aware of them as well.

But without all the negatives (though I have written a few non-happy posts) I may seem a little too happy-go-lucky sometimes and I'd like to give you an insight into the real me. Please don't think of me as someone who instantly jumps out of bed in the morning singing and smiling ready for the day, someone who emits positive energy 24/7 and who does no harm to noone. (If you even ever thought of me like that) Cause as lovely as that would be, it's just not real, and it's definitely not 'the whole' me.

Here's some of my bad personality traits you probably didn't know about:
I'm very inconsistent, I change my mind so fast sometimes that it's impossible to keep up with me. You cannot consider me predictable or even always count on me if we've made plans. Unless you have me saying "I promise" cause I don't ever break my promises.

Another thing is that I'm deeply obessesive. Not dangerously obsessive as in 'obsessive relationships' but if I find something I like for instance a band, a book, a movie, some kind of food etc. I get obsessive about it until it either 1) get's old and bores me or 2) something new pops up. I will inclose myself into the little world for a long while.

I'm also a jealous person, not as much as I used to be though, at one point in my life it was really hard for me not being all of my friends 1st choice or BEST friend. But jealous is still on my traits list though I can't give an example right now.

Whenever I have to do something I've never done on my own before I get extremely nervous. Like nervous-I'm-going-to-be-sick. If I'm going somewhere I haven't been or if I have to perform my best at an exam or in an attention-filled situation I get very uneasy, almost anxious. 

One thing I really dislike and think is so uncool is sarcastic people and unfortunately - I'm one of them. There's hardly anything worse than having a sarcastic remark thrown at you and I really want to work on this in myself. I'm only sarcastic if I'm in a bad mood though. At least I think so.

And the last one I can think of right now is that I'm lacking in confidence. I'm terribly insecure about my looks and it's really the one thing holding me back the most in life.

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  1. Great and interesting post. I really must get back into the #lbloggers chats. For me I try to be as totally honest as I can on my blog. Yep I blog about the nice things in my life and I do tags if someone tags me, but I always try to discuss the small things and as you will know as a reader of my blog I have posted a couple of lets say sad posts, when things have been on my mind or something unhappy is happening in my life. I think this is why I prefer lifestyle blogs these days to out and out beauty blogs. I like to discover the 'real' people behind the posts and not just learn about the new products they have. There are some amazing people out there, you are one of them and I love reading your blog :)

    1. Exactly Kay, I agree :)
      And I love reading your blog SO much because you are the perfect example of being 'real'. You don't disguise things as something they're not, and that's why I think you are a wonderful person and someone who's blog's worth coming back to.


    2. Awwwww thanks sweetie :) x

  2. I saw this topic crop up on my twitter feed and it certainly got me thinking!! I often wonder whether people think I live in a land of rainbows and fairy cakes because I don't share much in the way of personal issues on my blog, more the pretty vintage things I find, and little stories.

    I'm always so admiring of people who feel comfortable sharing their entire lives but I think there is such a thing as over sharing - I'm very private as a person so unlikely to share things about my struggle with anxiety, or the rough patch of unemployment I've had, or recent sad news etc. But then I don't really talk about things like that with anyone other than close friends and family generally, so while it isn't explicit, it's very true to who I am that way.

    I do find though, that when I read blogs I lose interest pretty quickly if all the blogger shares are wishlists and 'haul' posts.

    Tricky one!

    Jem xXx

    1. That's very admirable as well Jem. If you don't feel comfortable sharing private things then you shouldn't do it and by not doing it you are being very real, cause that's who you are.

      I'm very much like you when it comes to wishlists and haul posts. Just those sort of things doesn't do it for me, I need to feel like I know the person who's writing!

      It's alright to be a different kind of blog than the ones you like to read yourself though :)


  3. I think everyone can relate to these. You can only show so much of yourself on a blog and that's ok. Not everyone is peachy all the time, I surely am not!! I can be grouchy if I've not had enough sleep, annoyed when something isn't going right....but who isn't!?! People can't possibly be happy and nice all the time, because that's not real. We were'n't meant to be that way, otherwise we wouldn't have these character traits in the first place. Blogs are escapism most times, to get away from every day life and share. People who take them so seriously are leading themselves down a false path. These blogs do however teach us about others and maybe in some ways help us to calm down the things about ourselves that aren't so nice and that's good. But, we should never take each other at face value, but understand that we're all complex characters and have different sides just like ourselves. Good days and bad days, happy times and grumpy times!! And that's ok!! We can only share so much on here to show who we are....it's only those who know us in person that can see fully who we are, as they see every side of us at any time, not just how are moods are when we blog. I like a blog one minute and not the next and that's ok. One may like my blog one minute and not the next, I find this to be true when I don't post enough outfit posts, but that's ok...just shows me that, that person isn't exactly my cup of tea, because I'm more deep and complex than a simple outfit post!! Fantastic post :) xx

  4. This is so truthful & honest, it's good to see bloggers like this, and I love this blogxx

    1. That is such a lovely comment, thank you Paprika :) I've tried to follow your blog cause I really like it, but simply cannot find the follow button :(

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