28. februar 2013

Throwback Thursday

So I was just dwadling around the house when I out of the blue felt like looking at old pictures. Among many wonderful memories I found these two pictures that I just had to share on the blog.

One of the happiest days of my life, June 13th 2001 (had to ring up mum to ask for the year), we were celebrating my 8th birthday, I was opening up my first presents at the breakfast table and I got my very own Nimbus 2000. Yep, the best present you could possibly give a child.
My mum had been so brilliant to buy me a wooden broom and print "Nimbus 2000" on the broomshaft and I was over the moon. Litterally - I flew that thing to the moon, I swear!

I just thought these pictures were so funny, I looked oh so happy and imaginative and they really portray how I still act and, mostly, feel on the inside.
A lovely memory to keep, very glad it was captured - thanks mum

5 kommentarer:

  1. That is amazing, what a brilliant present, and that photo is adorablexx

    1. It is, amazing she came up with it!
      Thanks Paprika, very sweet of you x

  2. So precious!! You look sweet...still with this face :)) I love the gift, it's the kind of thing my mum would do too :)) And that I do for my girls!! xx

    1. Yeah, I couldn't imagine you being any other kind of mother Kizzy :)
      Those kinds of presents are the best! Must really remember to be just as original with my future children x

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