5. marts 2013

What is your dream job?

Photo by Annika
Hello you, having a good Tuesday are we? :)
My weekend was full of great family fun so I didn't have the time to blog which is the cause of my absence the last (many) few days. But I'm here now and I have a question for all you lovely people who's willing to drop a comment; as the title says, what is your dream job? Or what are you working as/studying to be?

I've been turning and twisting my brain continuously to find something I'd really like to do with my life. It changes an awful lot and jobs I had never considered keeps turning up out of the blue. So I would really love some inspiration from you guys, please share what you do for a living or if you're in school, what you're studying :)


ps. suggestions such as the teacher in Defence Against the Dark Arts are not appreciated, it will only make me wish it even more.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I want to be a fashion photographer, but I don't want to just shoot other's ideas - so I want to be an art director as well in my own firm :)

  2. A copywriter! It's part of my job to write the copy for events and our blog/news, but I'd like to do it for a variety of clients (ideally in the film/tv industry)! A girl can dream :)

  3. I would love to have a job which combined maths with art, but I especially like the art side of things, I'm thinking about architecture at the moment, but I'm 17 so still have a little while to think about thisxx

  4. I work in the media but I'd love to move across to magazine publishing instead. My ultimate dream? A writer. I'd love to be my own boss and work from home every day x x

  5. I want to work with product design in the gaming industry; designing gaming equipment or directly designing games... Not sure yet. We'll see.

  6. Since I was 15 I've wanted to study speech and language therapy an dnow i'm 20 I finally am!
    I write bits about it on my blog http://www.itsastudentthing.blogspot.com

    love your blog, hope you get some inspiration for the future!

    abigail x


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