10. februar 2014

Peaks and pits from this week!

As it turns out, spending hours and hours watching Keeping up with the Kardashian's isn't all a waste of time. I've been so in love with their little family ritual of discussing their peak and pit of the day - the peak, being the best part of their day, the pit being their worst!
I think it is so cute that I've made a note to myself to bring it into my future family. But seeing as that will be a quite long while from now, I decided to bring it onto the blog.

Peaks of the past week:

1. Finally starting my bachelor and meeting loads of lovely new people. I sometimes forget how nice complete strangers can be - and there's around 35 of them in my class!

2. We went to an Antique Market and I bought two old puzzles; one with 1000 pieces, the other with 3000. It's going to be time well spent.

3. Being all cozy in the sofa with blankets at Martin's parents house, one dog on my lap, two at my feet, three on the floor and a cup of tea in my hand. Total bliss.

4. Going to the gym with mum after a lazy break. You really do feel your best after a hard workout.

5. Eating steak numerous times during the week. We love a good steak.

6. Laying on the sofa with Martin under our duvet, all electronics shut off, making up our own little silly story about a man named Paul who was stuck in a ball and his good friend The Horse who had wheels instead of legs.

7. Receiving 3 pairs of new shoes in the post will always be a happy moment for a girl.

8. Driving to the beach after school watching the water from the car. The sun is finally starting to show it's face and I've oh so missed it!

Pits of the past week:

1. Grandma in the hospital. Miss her so much and wish we lived closer to each other.

2. We've been eyeing a house (Martin & I) but unfortunately it wasn't in a good enough condition, so sadly we had to give it up.

What's been some of your best & worst little moments of the past week? x

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  1. These are lovely doll, it's great there were more happy ones than pits...I hope your Grandma gets better soon and can come out of the hospital. Lots of love to her xx


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