18. februar 2014

Valentine's weekend with Martin.

How did everyone's Friday go last week? Filled with lots of smiles and chocolate I hope! Mine didn't contain any chocolate now that I think about it. Will have to make up for that this week then, oh what a shame..

Martin and I spent our Valentine's day at his grandmother's which was so lovely. We've made a pact to go and visit our grandmothers much more; once a week at least but twice would be lovely. My beautiful grandma has been in the hospital for the last week and a half and I've been so sad that I've only seen her on special occasions for the last year. Even though she's an hour drive away from me I've decided to put aside money just so I can go and visit her every week. I saw a documentary about elderly people being awfully lonely and it simply broke my heart. I don't ever want that for my grandma, my mum or even myself someday.
We then went home to my mum's to take care of Smuth and decided to go on a little drive since Smuth absolutely loves driving. Ask him "Do you want to go for a ride?" and he'll turn his head to the side and run out to the door waiting. It's so cute, I've always loved that.
When we got home to my little flat we just wanted to snuggle in with a movie. Martin bought a steak from the Weekend Butcher - God knows he loves his steaks - and I went down to the local China man and bought my favourite curry. And that's how we spent the rest of our Valentine's day; Sat in the couch savoring our food and watching a movie. I feel asleep quite quickly - before 10pm I think - so sorry about that Martin.

He surprised me with flowers on Saturday and took me out to an Italian restaurant with a killer view on Sunday. I made a print with our initials and date of when we first decided to be with each other. I really want that framed. And what was our spiffing Valentine's weekend.

I cannot seem to find my camera anywhere and my flat is so small it shouldn't be this hard! Ugh. Blogging is half the pictures, but I'll have to do with a few iPhone pictures until it turns up.

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  1. Omg that print is so gorgeous did you make it entirely yourself xx

  2. Thank you Callie! Yes I did, except for the flower, I googled it and cropped it :)


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