31. oktober 2012

To the pub we go

Going to the pub whether for a meal or a pint seems to be one of the most fundamental steps of how to become true British. Back at home I always thought of people who went to pubs as filthy nasty old men who didn't have anything good to come home to (oh how judgemental I can be huh), but here in England it's definitely quite different. It's probably one of the most normal things to do here and it's not just for older people, is it, it's for all ages really.

So when my good friend Christine and I went out for lunch yesterday we decided to visit a small pub we randomly found on Great Portland Street (where I've been hanging out a few times recently, I'll tell you more about why another time!). We went for Fish & Chips and some sort of pie that I don't remember the name of and it's probably a really commen one so all you English people out there are laughing a tiny bit at me right now for not knowing... But the name is indifferent to the taste and the taste was bloody good (perhaps not the right time to use bloody?).

The British food isn't all that different to what we get back home in Denmark -brown sauce, potatoes, meat, vegetables ect-, perhaps it's a bit more fattening here, but I'm sure you don't eat fish & chips everyday ;)

ps. tried to take more photos, but the people in my life are always so ashamed when I pull of the big camera and start photographing....

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looks great doll. Couldn't eat this everyday, I rarely eat it because of the fat content, but for a quick meal it's ok :) xx

  2. Årh, hvor ser det lækkert ud! :D


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