2. november 2012

Blood-y night out

I'm sorry if these photos have changed the way you see me...
Halloween was celebrated last Wednesday with 6 of my housemates and we had such a fun night. Unfortunately we couldn't afford to go all out and dress up as someone insanely cool (Otherwise I would have been Poison Ivy. Have you seen Sammi's torturial? So cool!) but we did manage to buy some fake blood and white hairspray. We added some heavy eyemakeup, dark clothes, red lipstick and smudged the blood a little all over and that's basically it.
We were supposed to go to Funky Buddha and had even arranged to get in for free but when we got there the queue was so long that we didn't even bother. Some of the others went to a club in Covent Garden afterwards but I ended up just taking the tube home.

Oh yeah, and the grey haired lady in the photos is one of my good friends from Denmark. She just arrived here last Tuesday and is staying here a little over a month. So I was very excited to have her with me :)

Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween. I know I've really enjoyed reading all of your posts about it!
I would have decorated like crazy and stayed in with a cup of spicey pumpkin chocolate  and watched Hocus Pocus (best Halloween film ever) in my pajamas if I had my own place. Instead it turned into a night out with some lovely girls which was rather alright as well ;)

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