4. november 2012

The Starbucks Sisters

Dear chummy readers,
if you are one to follow me on either twitter or on my personal facebook you might have read the wonderful news that I have gotten myself a job. Yup, a real job at a little snug and inviting place on Great Portland Street. It's been a great wish of mine to get a job over here in rainy London and I am so thrilled with the small Starbucks I've found. If you've never been to the one on Great Portland street you must go! Starbucks' tend to be busy and tourist-filled (at least in Central London) but this one is a little hidden gem with a cosy atmosphere and friendly baristas ;)

After my first day as a partner there* I made my way to Primark to buy some collared shirts for work, but y'know, one can hardly ever get away with just buying what they need in Primark. So I ended up with a new coat, a new shirt, a new top, two new sweaters and the best fluffy sock slippers! Naughty me *slaps on wrist*

Really excited for this week as they're turning on the Christmas lights in several places. I've only got three shifts this week and I'm planning on spending the rest of the days searching for the perfect red scarf for Winter, possibly some warm Winter boots and a wonderful new book to bring with me to the park.

May I just add at the end of this post that I've been enjoying reading everyone's blogs extra this past week. I've been checking blogger constantly praying for new posts throughout the day :)

Now, hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I'm off for a bit of cardio and then ending the night with my girl friends and possibly some gossip ;) x

ps. my sister is a Starbucks manager in Switzerland - hence the title of the blog ;)

*  (they call their employees 'partners' instead of staff etc. everyone who works at Starbucks get a share in Starbucks how cool is that? I even had to assign a person who would get my share if something were to happen to me. Mum, you got all 100%! Though I'm sure you never hope to get it)

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