5. november 2012

Christmas lights, Leona Lewis, Robbie Williams & Taylor Swift?

After literally a whole day at home in bed being lazy I decided get my butt outside and go see the Christmas lights on Oxford Street with Christine. We got there in time for the concert as well which we by the way didn't even know was going to be there so that was quite a bonus. Emma aka. Baby Spice from Spice Girls was one of the hosts and that really made my day seeing her! She was always my favourite Spice girl and I remember always dressing up as her with my sister. You gotta 'spice up your life' ;)
Lawson, Leona Lewis and Robbie Williams performed a few of their songs, it was really cool to see them as well, and afterwards the entire street counted down from ten! It was such a daunting experience, it felt a little bit like New Years eve where everyone counts down for the new year. As the millions of sparkly pretty Christmas lights were lit a huge canon shot confetti all over the stage and us people near it - it was amazing, looked just like it was snowing with confetti all over us. It was one of those moments where you're just stood there smiling from ear to ear the whole time without even realizing :)

Cannot wait for the lights to be turned on in Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and on Regent Street as well. Everything feels a bit more magical when there's sparkly and fairy lights involved, don't you think?
I'm going to Westfield tomorrow to see their Christmas lights being turned on by none other than Taylor Swift! I was such a big fan of her back in the days when she only did country. So how can I miss the chance to see her!

Very much looking torward to a magical November, going to treat myself to a cup of hot chocolate soon while walking under the Christmas lights :)

Hoping I'm one of the first blogs to say it this year,
Happy Christmas x

ps. I did re-arrange a few things on the blog layout, what do you think?

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  1. I love when they turn the lights on, it's wonderful. Am glad you enjoyed it :) xx Love the blog layout doll :)


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