29. november 2012

Want to feel Christmassy?

How wonderfully lovely are these photos? They are made by Thomas Kinkade and I think they are quite close to be some of the best things ever to have excisted. If you're interested in how things look inside my brain; my dreams, my thoughts and just really what the core of my personality looks like take a close look on these photos. If I could I would live happily ever after in these photos.

I haven't been on the internet much lately. Mostly because I've been working long hours and spent my sparetime on reading HP or buying Christmas prezzies with Charlotte. (I've started reading The Prisoner of Azkaban and only need to buy 2 more Christmas presents!)
Planning some blogging I'm intending to do in December. 24 blogposts each day leading up to the 24th! So excited about this. Generally super excited all the time. I feel so Christmassy that I could explode any second and a ray of glitter, red bows, snow, hot chocolate and fairy lights would come streaming out of me! All though it's a wonderful feeling it can be a little difficult dealing with such a big amount of happiness inside my little body which have led to random cries at random times...

If you haven't seen his work already go ahead and google Thomas Kinkade! He's brilliant and talented and I am planning to move into his photos... Somehow.

Happy early Christmas! x

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