26. november 2012

Afternoon tea in London

So today was quite.. ambivalent is the word I believe. I had a lovely morning, the tube had very good service(this makes a huge difference in your morning) and there wasn't all that many on the train which gave me the oppurtunity to sit down and have my morning fix of Harry Potter. I'm already nearly halfway through Chamber of Secrets and I'm so excited that Ginny's now come to Hogwarts.

Work was not too bad. And by not too bad I mean that it wasn't quite good either. I had to take up an unpleasent conversation and it didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped. So that stumbled me over and made me feel quite rubbish. Sometimes I wish I was more thick-skinned and didn't let certain things affect me so much.
But luckily, I had a lovely afternoon to look forward to.
Charlotte and I went out to have a proper English tea. Well. It wasn't exactly "proper. We found out that if we wanted the full 'afternoon tea' experience we would have to pay at least £15 each and since neither of our bank accounts thought that was a good idea we decided to just pay the cosy Primrosehill Bakery a visit. And what a brilliant decision that was. We each had a yummy carrot cupcake (was once recommended this by Rosie and I can definitely recommend it to others as well!) and then we shared a pot of breakfast tea. I had my eye on their Salted Caramel cupcake as well but felt quite full after the first one and Charlotte weren't to keen on trying anything either salted or with caramel so sharing one was out of the question.

After that we slendered around Covent Garden under all the Christmas lights. I bought a cute shabby looking frame and a pair of beige pyjamas-ish trousers that I am particularly looking forward to wearing back home for some reason.

I better be off now. I still feel a little wretched from my work-episode and I've got to get up early tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow - I'm going Christmas shopping after work and then possibly ice-skating in Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland. What are you starting your week off with? x


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  1. Afternoon tea is such an old fashioned pleasure I always feel. I took my sister for her birthday back in May and I really should do it again, it's so decadent! I am sorry to hear you didn't have such a great day at work, that sucks but it looks like the afternoon made up for it! I have started my week with a lot of study (have a uni deadline of 11th Dec) and also sorting out lots of pain in the neck business issues for the business me and Mr B.P. run. Have a lovely lunch planned with my sister-in-law on Thursday so that is something to look forward too!


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