12. december 2012

Catching up

(photo taken from tumblr cause I didn't have any of my own to show. oh well. it's cosy)

I haven't been feeling the blog-spirit lately which is a little sad cause blogging usually makes me happy but my grandma's quite ill at the moment so all my thoughts and energy has been put on her rather than anything else.

My good friend Charlotte is going back to Denmark tomorrow however so we have been trying to do all sorts of things that you just gotta do when you're in London. And, being the old souls that we are, that meant lots of reading in parks and cafés, trips to Christmas markets all around London, trying both a mince pie and some fruit pudding; we happily ate the mince pie and has been wanting one again ever since whereas we made some rather funny grimaces of the Christmas pudding and quickly threw that in the bin...

I've nearly finished all my Christmas shopping *pats self on the shoulder* so there won't be any of that today. No, today we're going to rent some bikes and go for a little ride in Hyde Park. Quite excited about this though I fear I may be returning home without any toes and possibly a very red nose.

Tonight I'm eating at Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Canary Wharf with three of my friends. After reading Charlottes positive post about her visit here I simply couldn't not go, so we're all thrilled about going tonight. I reckon I might have the burger and fries, go look at Charlotte's post and you'll understand why!

I'm off now, gotta go freeze my bum off in this lovely Winter weather :)
Have a gorgeous day everyone.

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