8. december 2012

Moments from the past few days

 1/4 - Celebrated a friend's birthday at Wagamama in Hampstead with the new Chu Chee Curry and frozen yoghurt for dessert. At first we went to see the Christmas Tree ligthening at Trafalgar Square and then we ate and talked the night away. It was a very lovely evening spent in gorgeous company x

2/4 - Saw these pretty christmas decorations at the sweetest little café in Hampstead. Very pleasent thing to look at while eating lunch and getting warm.

3/4 - My roommate bought us some candlelights and we spent the evening listening to Christmas music with the lights turned off and the candlelights lit.

4/4 - I had these mazing scrambled eggs today in a little café we found in Hampstead. Had a sausage and green tea as well, it kept me full for the entire day :)

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