4. december 2012

The best café in London

Tucked safely away in a small courtyard of east London this little cosy cafe is easily the best thing I have ever found in London. It has an incredible old-fashioned warmth and rustic feel to it not to mention their organic freshly homemade delicious food. They have you dreaming of home as soon as you put your feet inside.

I was absolutely over the moon for their festive decorations, interior, location and helpful service. The waitresses were three lovely girls dressed in cosy knit and cute skirts with a red apron and a friendly smile plastered on their faces. The café is called J+A named after the two sisters (Johanna & Aolfie) who run it. Our orders were taken by one of the sisters instead of one of the waitresses which made it feel even more special.

My two roommates and I went there to eat breakfast but just missed it as it ends 11 o'clock and we arrived at 11:25. So we ordered tea and hot chocolate and waited for lunch at 12. I had the most amazing pie with champ and the other two had a Christmas Club sandwich with homemade bread. It was so delicious. I think it's the best meal I've had in London so far.
I've already planned to go back there it was so lovely. It's even awaken an old dream of mine. Me and my dad have always wanted to open a café and it would definitely have to be something like this little hidden gem.

Next time I'll make sure to be there a little earlier cause their breakfast and brunch menu looks so yummy. If you want a warm and hearty café experience I can definitely recommend this. Perfect for any kind of date whether it be with a friend, family-member or someone special. x

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  1. This looks so lovely. I will have to check it out next time I am in the big smoke :) The pie n mash looks gorgeous!

  2. Ser alt for hyggeligt ud, årh man får sådan lyst til at være der!

  3. It looks wonderful, I like to go to café's to eat :)) Have a great weekend xx


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