2. december 2012

Meet my mum

This lady is named Yvonne, she is 45 years old, naturally blonde, mother of two daughters and quite amazing.
You know those people who say "I can't understand how people can tell their parents everything"? Well me and mum have that kind of relationship. She is the one human being who understands me the best and never judges me. I know she is kind of obliged to be like that being my mum and all, but it was never her job to become my best friend and that she is. 
I can't think of one single thing I haven't told her. Apart from when I was 6 and accidentally broke of a finger of one of our porcelain figurines and sneakily blamed my sister. She will know that now as well though as she's such a good sport and loyally reads my blog. It's a pretty great feeling being able to share everything

Mum likes a lot of things. She loves gardening and spends hours outside all year round making our garden look beautiful. She loves a good hot chocolate but prefers a glass of ice cold cola zero. She likes to experiment in the kitchen and though she's far to humble to admit it let me make it clear that all her dishes are amazing and tasty. 
She's a family person and likes to take care of others' needs. She's even more of a animal person though and if placed in an emergency situation she would save the animal above the human (she's passed that on to me). 
She has almost read all the Harry Potter books and holds them dearly but she prefers Wilbur Smith and his books. Jurassic Park is her favourite film and she has always wanted to be an archaeologist.
She is stubborn but open-minded at the same time. She has a great toothpaste smile and I don't doubt for a second that all the boys loved her when she was my age.
Apart from gardening she loves playing computer games. World of Warcraft has been her favourite the past several years. 
She looks really pretty in floral dresses with her hair up but equally as beautiful in jeans, wellies and an oversized coat for a walk in the forrest. 
If you ever need someone to talk to about something that people wouldn't categorize as 'normal' my mum is the one you'd want to go to. She's the best listener in the world. She's a really good song-writer as well. She hates when people say "I love you" just to say it, but she loves when I randomly stop whatever I'm doing during the day to call her and tell her I love her.

These are just a few main things about my mum, but now you've sort of met her.
I like her a lot and think you would too.

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  1. Sikke nogle pæne ord; din mor lyder alletiders. Jeg har selv et rigtig veninde-forhold til min mor, som du har til din, og jeg synes det er så ærgeligt, at mange mødre bliver taget forgivet. Mødre er djelige!

  2. Hvor er du bare dejlig, skat :-* Og jeg elsker dig herfra til evigheden.

  3. Den sødeste post ever - du må være daughter of the year!


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