2. december 2012

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Back at the beginning of October (gosh, can't believe I've been here for over 2 months) I wrote a post and showed you some photos of the view from my current room. Well we're at it again dear ones :)
Almost two months later and the trees stand bare and cold left by their colourful leaves in the grey Winter weather. Frost lay glistening in the early morning sun on top of cars and roofs and I can spot a chimney or two steaming with thick smoke. This makes me think of all the family's being curled up warm and cosy in front of the fireplace celebrating the 1st Advent Sunday with their loved ones.

I'm off work today so I am one big happy goose. There's nothing worse than working in the weekends while everyone's off. Today we're making Christmas decorations while eating cookies and drinking mulled wine. Sounds like a pretty festive 1st Advent Sunday to me I don't have any traditions for this day other than, of course, to light the first advent candlelight. But since I haven't got any over here I'll let my mum do it back home and send me a picture of it instead.
Do you have anything planned for this lovely Sunday? x

PS. So jealous of my family and friends back home; there's snow everywhere in Denmark!

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  1. My family's 1st sunday of advent tradition is to all cuddle up and watch Love Actually - my favourite movie!


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