14. februar 2013

Don't run from who you are

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Ever since I've been a little girl I've always been known for my ability to dream my days away. Most people I've come across in my young life have either made fun of me and the way I see the world or tried to convince that I'm deluded and unrealistic. What I have come to realize these past few days (I've been awfully inspired and encouraged by perfectly exciting books and films) is that sadly enough these people did get under my skin and I've been, for quite a while, suppressing the things in myself that makes me who I am.

People can label me a daydreamer all they'd like, actually, to be quite frank, I take a lot of pride in that quality in myself. But don't anyone dare call me unrealistic just because my reality is simply different than theirs. As a 19 year old I am stood infront of big life decisions and scary paths in life I have never seen before. And mix that with years of suppression from society, now that's a big cocktail of an unpromising view of the world. I've been so upset with this modern era we live in today and so hung up on thoughts about that this world didn't have anything to offer to someone like me. But I've now realized something truly great today. It matters not what the world holds for me, but what I bring into the world.

I'll sit on the hill under the tree wearing my dress glued to a book if I want to. I'll dream and wish for love so grand that it fills up my soul with energy and butterflies. I'll have dreams of far away countries and all they have to offer. And I will definitely expect kindness and openess from the world wherever I go - and am I not met by such, I shall simply give them some of mine. I cannot change and I thought I was the kind of person who'd never try, but it turns out I have been trying to be something I'm not and I won't keep on doing it anymore.

Now that's some Valentines day I've had, don't you think :)
I hope you've all had a wonderful day whether you celebrate Valentines or not. The world is everything you make it, so why don't you make it your favourite place to be.

Nanna Emma

ps. that felt really good.

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  1. I'm a daydreamer....I always have been. They say I'm head is too far into the clouds that I fail to see things how they are. Which isn't true, I see them how they are, but I also see them as how they could be. I just think most people don't have the ability to see beyond what's in front of them & I find that sad. They have no hope for most things and have lost their creativity. Don't ever let anyone tell you daydreaming isn't what you should do, because those who dream by day are the ones who change the world!! Just make sure you put the day dreams into action & you'll be just fine :))) xx

    1. Yes, you definitely are :) I love that more than anything about you and that's why I've always felt so drawn to you and your blog!
      Your words mean so much to me, you are a true inspiration in my life in many ways Kizzy, thank you x

  2. What a brilliantly written post, I LOVED this! You stick to being a daydreamer, we need more of them in the world :) and don't ever let your desires for YOUR life be suppressed by the wants and expectations of others x

    1. That means so much Kay, your words brightens my day. Truly x
      I'll keep this in mind, there should be more kind people like you in this world. I sure need more like you, so thank you for writing me comments x

  3. So beautiful...and so honest of you..
    I really hope the bets for you in all these big decisions...and life is much better when you can see all the good around you x

    1. SO(!) lovely of you, I'm really glad you thought well of it. Life really is better when you put on your positivity-glasses, and you just reminded me x


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