15. februar 2013

Primrose Garden & Cupid colours for my wardrobe

For some reason I've always associated Spring with orchid and cherry blossom colours. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because of the freshness and new life the season brings with it. And now that Spring is finally lingering in the air, aconites and snowdrops slowly showing themselves in the garden and the sun peeping out of the grey sky I just feel the need to dress myself in these girly (actually I'd rather call them lady-like) colours. Throw in some flowers for the hair and some cute ballerinas and you have my favourite kind of outfit lately.

There might be coming a few outfit posts sometime very soon which I'm a both excited and nervous about. But I'm oh so excited to show you these goodies!

These items were bought on H&M's website, they currently have a 50% sale going on so hurry on and have a look, I found 8 lovely pieces for just £50!

Are you bringing out any special colours for this Spring? x

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