20. februar 2013

Ready for action!

So these past few days I've actually gotten my bum off of the sofa and a little out and about. About time, yeah? (if only you knew how much time I've spent on the sofa this month. We've become very dear pals)
There's a massive lack of jobs in Denmark these days so it's really hard to get one but obviously it's  harder if you don't even try... So I've applied for about 10-15! Which is a start. I've also been to a few open houses to some schools I'd like to attend just to get an idea of what they have to offer and which ones I'd prefer. 
After spending two months of hardly doing anything I'm really ready to just work my ass off and make a living for myself! It's sort of as though my life's been on standby recently, so I'm eager and ready to turn it on once again :)

Plus side of being out of job:
- I can nap whenever I feel like it
- I get to watch as many films as you'd like
- it's alright if I don't shower and stay in my pjs for a few days... as long as I'm staying out of the public eye
- I get to spend all day with my baby dog and see my family more often
- I can do most of the housework so mum can come home an relax

Downside of being out of job:
- I lose track of time. 'Is it Tuesday or Thursday?'
- I eat when I'm bored and therefore am ruining my plan of losing weight
- Life starts to feel a little meaningless
- I have no money at all so I can't really do much

I bet there'll be lots more blogging once I get going again - after all, you've gotta have something to blog about! 
Hope your week has been lovely so far x

ps. did you watch the Brits? (being the sucker for all things British that I am obv I did) I really wish Adele had been there(her little certain finger action last year was missed). I found it so funny how they filmed Harry while Taylor was on stage (celebrities are like one big drama novel).

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  1. I hope you find something doll, I know it's not easy. Jobs are lacking everywhere these days!! But, you will get there :) I watched a bit of the Brits, I didn't really care for Taylor Swift, I think it's a little bit silly all these things she's doing after Harry, just move on and get over yourself, I say! Harry is better without! I hope your weekend is going wonderfully :) x


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