9. marts 2013

A good time-Friday

A whole week of not being well has really made me go a little nutty in the head so when my friend Sofie asked if I wanted to catch up on Friday I couldn't not yes.
We were supposed to meet at a cafe for a hot chocolate but it ended up in dinner as it was nearly 6 and the poor girl hadn't eaten lunch.
She had some pasta thingy which looked really good and I had a pasta/chicken/bean/salad which was yummy but I couldn't finish the whole things, which is usually no problem for me, so that was a bit upsetting. When you pay good money you don't want anything to get wasted! That's usually my strategi when I go out to eat. Imagine how hard it is for me when there's a buffet...

It was so nice to get out and easpecially just having a chat with Sofie as we don't get to see each other very much any more since we finished school and she moved city and everything. We had some good laughs, exchanged a bit of gossip and made lots of plans to see each other. I'm hoping we'll, at least, stick to half of them!

After that I went home to watch the Danish x-factor with my family and when that ended I drove home to a friend.

So my Friday was brilliant right until I came back home, put my head on my pillow and suddenly felt very ill once more...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds lovely, I love eating outxx

  2. Hey!
    Your blog is lovely, I came across it this morning and have read my way right through a couple of pages!
    Just wanted to say hello and that I'm a new reader,
    also that food looks yummy :)
    hope you're feeling better!
    Rosie xo


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