12. marts 2013

Feeling much better

Hello everyone,
as you may know I haven't been feeling  well lately and yesterday was probably the worst day out of them all, but I woke up this morning (2 hours before my alarm clock as usual, what's with that?!) feeling loads better. I feel like I'm jixing it by saying that, since that is what happened last Friday and I got sick Saturday morning, but I believe it's better to be positive about it and hope for the best :)

Here's a little,

Weather update:
It was looking so nice, the sun was out all the time and you could actually walk around without your coat but somehow the weekend decided to change it all and bring back the snow. The weather's so crazy!

Book update:
I have been reading Emma by Jane Austen or more likely been trying to read it. Unfortunately I'm not really feeling it at the moment which is very sad as I've heard lovely things about it. Perhaps I'll enjoy it more later on in my life, but for now I have put it back on the shelf and am therefore book-less.
So I was wondering if you could recommend a fantastic book?

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  1. The Hunger Games are great books, but you might have already read them..

    Otherwise there is a series of short stories you can read (they are actually the first 3 chapters of longer stories) My friend put her own story up that she's written (I mean it's like wow, she's only 17 and written her own book!!)

    If you want to have a look, here is the link:


    That links you to my friends book but if you want to look at others, you can have a look around tooxx

    *And if you do read her book, feel free to let me know how you found it, I'm sure she'd appreciate some feedback, thank youxx

    1. Oh wow, that sounds really interesting! I'll definitely give it a read sometime, will let you know xx

  2. I hope you continue to feel better, this was me all last week. But, you'll get there. I read Emma, I also saw the movie as well. I love Jane Austen books, though some can drag on for me a bit. Have a break from it and come back, I do that sometimes. Have some rest and feel better xx

    1. Thank you, thankfully I'm all better now! Glad to hear you recovered as well x

      Yeah, will give it a go some other time :)


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