15. marts 2013

About this blog of mine

- I haven't been on the internet much lately due to some serious the Sims3 dediction (have you tried the new Seasons and Uni version? Love it!) so it managed to snoop by right under my nose, but I just noticed and I've gotten 4 new followers *throws confetti*.
Hello to you and thank you ever so much to all of you who bothers to press that botton and let me know that you're out there. Honestly, it makes my heart flutter a little, so a hearty thank you.
I've now got a whole lovely set of 56 followers - that's closer to 100 than it is to zero! 

- To let you all know: I've never been and will never be the type of blogger who puts up posts on a regular basis. I just never know when I feel like writing a post and I definitely never know what it's going to be about. So I am sorry if you're expecting that from me because it's something I will never be able to live up to.

- Do you remember when I promised to not change my layout for at least 6 months? Well it's only been a month and a half since I solemnly swore, but I haven't felt the need to change it yet, and that's a bloody record for me! Who thinks I'll last all 6 months? ;)

- I have lots of dreams for this blog, the biggest one's to blog and post pictures of my home, decor and diy projects, cause nothing makes me as jolly as thinking about it! I'll just have to wait til I actually do have my own home; then the adventure shall begin.

- Recently lovely lovely people have been commenting on my posts and I need to show my gratitude towards you, because reading your thoughts about my words is the 2nd best thing about blogging. The 1st one being actually blogging. :)

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  1. Aha I know what you mean, I was totally addicted to the sims two a while back, it just is so easy to spend all your time on it!xx

  2. I love that you admit you will never be a regular poster, I'm not either I don't like to force blogging I want to be able to enjoy it and write when I feel inspired not when I'm working to a deadline. x


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