18. marts 2013

Oh Spring Where Art Thou

So we're all looking desperately around for Spring to come and it did look very promising at one point but all I have to say now is; where did Spring go?

The weather is acting so crazy. We've had a little bit of snow today and we're in the middle of March! There's not supposed to be snow. I don't remember when's the last time we had such a long and cold Winter. One can only hope the long Winter will result in a long Summer.. Though that would mean no white Christmas and ending up completely messing up the seasons! I have a feeling Mother Nature is making us pay for something...

I went for a little stroll the other day with my camera (I do that quite a look) in hope of snapping some inspiring pictures of freshly bloomed flowers or even a few green bushes but all I was only lucky enough to find was a few shoots on some trees :(
I then wandered back home and packed away all the dresses and shirtless tops I had pulled out a few weeks ago. Suppose the pastels, florals and bare arms and legs will have to wait for a little while longer.

How's Spring coming along where you are? My friends from London's telling me it isn't looking too bright over there either.
I think we have to stick the cold out a bit longer, bake things and watch as many films and tv-series under the duvet until we get sick of it!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love the photos! Spring is taking its time to come over here, we had snow not long ago too!xx

  2. It is freezing here :( We get teased with one day a week with blue skies and the nip of spring in the air and then the next 6 days it is grey/overcast/raining/snowing. On Sunday we had a bucket load of snow where I am, just what is going on with the weather!


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