25. februar 2014

Sad, sick & swollen.

Here is a picture of Smuth just to make this post a little cheerful. x

That's a very dramatic title isn't it? Well it's well suited for my past weekend and these two first days of the week.

On Friday evening right after we'd left the dinner table and gotten our bellies full of my mum's amazing cooking Martin got an urgent call from his mum. His dad had had the worst accident and was immediately sent to the Hospital. Out of privacy and respect I won't go further into that, but we spent our entire weekend at his parents' house helping out his mum with the house, their 6 dogs and two horses and tried to be as much a help as we possibly could.

Late Sunday evening we went back to my place to try and get a good night of sleep before school on Monday. Woken up by the alarm at 7am we were incredibly tired and worn out - not ready for school at all. The first thing I do in the morning is go and check out my face in the mirror. Odd habit, I know, but having had acne my entire life and only starting to get rid of it I've just got to make sure it hasn't come back every morning. And that morning I was relieved not to see any self-esteem-ruining-pimple. Instead - unfortunately there is an 'Instead' - I was horrified to see a swollen right eye and skin filled with an itching red knobbly rash. I feel like a freak and this rash is ten times worse than any pimple.

I went to the doctor this afternoon but he couldn't tell me anything I hadn't already googled - does anyone else do that? google what's wrong with them? - So he just gave me a prescription on some pills to help me get rid of the itching and swolleness. But what about the tiny studs growing all over my face and neck? Huh? Bad doctor.

So I am currently not in the happiest of places as you can probably guess and will hide away from the rest of the world until this rash-thingy is over with. I hope your weekend and week-start has been much better than mine! Maybe it's karma. Or maybe it's something I've ate.


ps. I did realize that I love Martin and his family a ton more than I thought was possible.

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  1. I hope all gets better doll & I send well wishes to Martin's dad too xx


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