26. februar 2014

Let's run a half-marathon.

"Wanna sign up for a half marathon in September with me?"
- "I can't even run a 5k!!"
"I can't even run a 2k....."

That is just how insane my best friend Nathalie is. I am probably even more insane for agreeing though.                
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Oh where do I start this post? When I was little -  as in 5-9 years old - I loved running because I was always the fastest. My dad was so impressed because I was faster than kids older than me and I really loved impressing him.  At age 10 I broke my thigh and had to re-learn how to walk. Since then I've just hated running. Truly hated it. I've always said that no one could get me to run unless I was being chased. I did try a few times to pick it up due to being unhappy with my weight but it never stuck with me. And to my luck I have never been chased. *knock on wood* ugh *chills*

But Nathalie and I are signing us up for a half marathon on Friday. In case you don't know a half marathon is 21,0975 km. We're doing it on September 14th which gives us exactly 200 days to train in.
Why do I want to do this when I really hate running you ask? Just that. Because I hate running. For me it will never be about being the fastest. I just want to reach the goal line no matter how many hours it will take me. I want to love it, I want to feel energized after a run, I want to accomplish something that is out of my comfort zone. And this certainly is.

Since the start of my teen years I have absolutely loathed the way I look and that is about the sadest thing to have ever happen to me. It is holding me back from so many things in life and I want it to end, now.  I am 20 years of age and I should be in the best shape of my life right now. And if this is the best shape I'll ever be in where won't I be when I'm 50? 

This decision will be life changing for me. I want it to be at least and I'm going to fight for it. Well actually, I'm going to run for it ;)

Are you a runner and if so what tips can you give me? x

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  1. Good luck doll, I don't run at all...I wouldn't even make it, haha. But, I do love to go for walks xx

  2. Hej Nanna prøv at løbe i intervaller, altså du går 1 min, så lunter du i 1 min også spurter i 1 min og det gør du så 8 gange, men du skal nok starte op med at spurte 20 sekunder også arbejde dig op til 1 min.

  3. I ran for a while before winter started, but when it got cold, I stopped. I am not fast and will never be, but the feeling I get after running is great. Some kind of satisfying exhaustion :D
    I wish you perseverance for the run!

  4. Such a good idea, I'd like to enter for something similar :P I haven't done a huuuge deal of running before, but when I do, a good playlist is always a must!xx


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