8. marts 2014

Ways to eat almonds - Salty Soy Snack

I'm not a nutty person; litterally. Most nuts just don't go well with my tastebuds but almonds does. There's a few kind of nuts I like but almonds are my favourite and I eat them with so many different things - as snacks or in meals.
Here's a little series of how I like to eat almonds.

#1 Salty soy snack

These little diamonds are the easiest to make. They are so easy that it actually takes longer to eat them than make them - how we wish it always was, right?
They taste salty but are much more healthy with soy sauce than actual salt, and we know how all the wise people tells us not to eat too much salt daily.

Here's how you make them:
Take 250gram of almonds and put in a bowl. Pour two spoonfulls of soy sauce into the bowl and mix it well together for about 20 seconds. Put them down and let them soak for at least 5 minutes.
Take a baking sheet, spread them out and roast them in the oven at 150 celsius for about 10 minutes - remember to turn them once during.
When they're finished take them out and let them cool until they're completely cold. Enjoy.

Coming up....
- sugar almonds

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  1. Looks yummy doll, love almonds :) xx

  2. Hi Nanna, I really enjoy your blog, and I have nominated you in the Liebster Award that I have been tagged in, I hope that's alright :) xx



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