16. oktober 2012

Charming Cambridge

As mentioned in my last post I spent most of my sunny Sunday in the glorious and charming Cambridge. I went for a stroll down the facinating old streets, saw some of the cutest small vintage shops, drooled over a few handsome male students and last but not least enjoyed the beautiful nature and atmosphere surrounding me everywhere. There's more than 400 pictures of the day cluttering my camera at the moment so you can imagine how difficult it was to choose which to show you guys. I went with the 'close-my-eyes-and-just-pick' method.... not really, but almost! I just chose some randomly that I thought would show you the most of my day in as few pictures as possible.
Oh, and I did something else there aswell! After 12 days of intense winter-coat-hunting in London I finally managed to find one in Cambridge! Just a simple black warm one, and I can't wait to find a cosy scarf and some mittens to wear along with it. It's getting quite chilly here in London so I couldn't have gone without one for much longer. So ta ta Cambridge:)

Being there (in the UK in general) made me all light and joyfull and full of great ideas. Even ideas for the blog! I'm itching to tell you about it but it will have to wait at least a month. Sorry if it made you curious!
Hope your Sunday was just as blissfull and sunny as mine!

4 kommentarer:

  1. You live in a beautiful place, love all the architecture :) The free balloons were sweet, I like that kind of thing :)) I hope you keep enjoying yourself and get to see more and more things here :)) Xxx Lots of love doll!

  2. Thanks so much Kizzy, you're always so wonderful to me x!

  3. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I've always meant to take a little trip to Cambridge, but have just never gotten round to it- I think this is exactly the incentive I need! I think a little weekend away soon is in order... xx

  4. hvor er ser det bare lækkert ud, Nanna! Så misundelig! Nyder alle dine posts!


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