17. oktober 2012

London calls me a stranger, a traveller - Ed

01. YooMoo yoghurt icecream! Didn't have lunch so this was a more than fairly good substitute x
02. Notting Hill. Went there today to have a little look at the Portobello Market . Stopped by Poundland and bought a few necessities as well. 
03. Listening to "This City" by Ed Sheeran ♥
04. Fun halloween display at Marks & Spencer! They don't really celebrate halloween in Denmark but my mum and I have for almost ten years so it's really fun to see so much halloween related here in the UK :)

I've been handing out my CV's today (and yesterday as well) and I'm actually quite excited about it. Feeling very confident that I'll have a job in the very near future (knock on wood) and I actually love every single place I've sought for employment. I won't talk too much about it 'cause I don't want to jinx anything. But keep your fingers crossed for me please!

A big hug and hello to you new readers out there. Knowing you're there truly brightens my day!


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