21. oktober 2012

Snapshots of a Saturday + a little babbling

Saw, smelled, took pictures of and walked on Tower Bridge Saturday afternoon! Gorgeous area except for the new modern big buildings on the other side of the Thames. I always feel slightly uncomfortable when there's those (in my opinion) characterless modern cold metal buildings around me. It just doesn't go very well hand in hand with my cosy vintage old-fashioned country heart. But thankfully London's rather old fashioned all around so I'm quite loving it here :)
There's loads of markets around here as well aren't there? I've been to quite a few already. Most of them haven't been planned they just always sort of happen to be there whenever and wherever I go; tempting me to buy all those tasty cakes and breads and meat wraps...

I won't be doing a Weekly Updates this Sunday as my whole week's been quite the same everyday.. I started job hunting on Tuesday and did the same the following days. I am in a blogging mood today though, so hopefully I'll be able to type my thoughts down.

Today is dedicated to;
● blogging
● reading your blog, so prepare for comments
● exercising (got to be a little active)
● have a cuppa and listen to Christmas songs (I'm already in the holiday spirit)

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