21. oktober 2012

My 5 core values

I have given myself the task of finding the 5 core values of my life and sharing them here on the blog. I've always felt like I know who I am and what I'm about (I'm not afraid to fully defend the things I feel strongly about in an argument) but I must admit it's been quite a struggle trying to whittle it down into words. 

It has made me ask myself questions such as "what do I stand for?", "what inspires me?", "what kind of person do I wish to be?" and those are all big time-eating questions. I really hope you'll get something out of reading this and perhaps even doing this task yourself. It'd be a real pleasure to read your greatest values in life, so if you feel like doing this please leave a link of it in my comments. 
There are no wrong or right ways to do this, choose 5 things you find yourself immersed in fully and happily and just generally things and traits that speaks to you.

Here's the 5 I narrowed it down it. There are lots of other values I find important but these are the 5 core values I think are the most important to me right now at this point of my life. 

1. Family 
I value my family above everything. My family is my all and I would do anything in my power to protect them and keep them safe. They amuse and infuriate and entertain me by turn and I love them fiercely with every fiber in my body. 
They are everything I could ever ask for and I would not be able to be who I am without them. They provide the love I need in order to be strong and composed. They strengthen my self-esteem, they give me courage, they make me creative, they give me hope and they give me the kind of safety and love that makes me able to love others.
I cannot imagine a situation where I would choose anything over my family. 
That is the main core of who I am and what I appreciate in other individuals. I always find myself drawn the most to other people with a great family bond.

2. Kindness
This is such an important thing in life and sometimes I wish the world valued this trait more than it seems to do. Kindness should be in everything that you do, it is the foundation of being a good person and I believe it to be one of the keys to happiness. My parents have always made a big deal out of teaching my sister and I to be kind and polite towards others. They would always ask us if we'd remembered to say please and thank you and give one of our smiles to those who didn't have one. It doesn't cost you anything to be kind, so why not be it every day? It's a wonderful thing to be :)

3. Independence 
Today's world are built up around individuals and yet most people either follow others or lead others. Ever since I was little I've never felt the need to be a part of any of those things. I've always been perfectly content with just being myself and if there weren't any people around me with the same interests or values as me I would simply just be on my own. And I've never ever seen that as a problem - I've always been rather comfortable with silence. I realize we're all different and all have different needs and paths to walk in life but I really value people who are independent enough to know what they stand for and who's able to make a decision of their own. Yet another key to happiness; being independant makes you feel comfortable, solid and safe and most importantly happy.

4. Faith
Believe in something. Believing is a major part of my life and I pity all of those who can't believe. I'm not necessarily talking about religion here; believe in the greater good whether it be a god, Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, your best friend, Mother Nature ect. 
The important thing is that you believe in something good, cause believing brings hope and I cannot imagine anyone truly living without hope in their lives.  Use all your senses to take in the beauty and wonder of the world. There is so much out there to believe in.
I've always told people that I believe in God but I don't mean a specific God that people have in their religions. It just means that I believe in something greater. Because to me the term God is 'something greater'. And 'something greater' to me equals all things good. I have never stopped believing in Father Christmas, though my awareness of my faith to him has changed since I was a child, the faith I have in him is still the same. He is the essense of goodness and joy and hope and I believe in everything he stands for and I will pass my faith on to my children one day.

5. Honesty
For me honesty goes hand in hand with multiple things fx trust and communication and even independence. It makes me sick to my stomach when people are being dishonest with me or are keeping things from me. Any great relationship is built on great communication and great communication is built on honesty. 
If someone has a problem with me I want them to tell me. If someone is curious about something about me and my life I want them to ask me. So always always be honest with people and speak what you think and feel. The truth may hurt for a little while but a lie hurts much longer.

It is also important to be honest with oneself. Sometimes I’m not completely honest with myself when it comes to acknowledging my own reactions to other people or situations and I need to work on that. I am already much better at it than I was a year ago but there's still lots of progress to be made.

So that's my 5 core values. It was so hard to just pick 5 and extra hard to share them with you but I'm really glad I did. Hopefully you'll do this task as well 'cause I would really love to read about your values.
Remember we are all different and core values may be difficult to put into words (at least for me, it's more something I feel spiritually y'know?) so be kind and respectful. 

I would like all of you to do this but I'm officially asking Rosie(Cider with Rosie Bee), Charlotte(Charlottes Web Blog), Kizzy(The Dainty Dolls House) and Louise(Sprinkle Of Glitter).


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  1. This is such an interesting and beautiful post- I don't think we talk enough about values these days, but it's one of the most fundamental parts of a person and colours all of their actions.

    I agree on the faith front. I'm not religious at all, but I believe in the fundamental goodness of humanity despite all the horrible things you hear about on the news everyday xx

  2. Beautiful...love this post, it's honest and refreshing! I don't think enough blogs talk about real things and this is fantastic!! I shall get mine all done for you & definitely post them soon :)))) We pretty much have the same ones, haha ;) Have a wonderful week sweetheart!! Xxx

  3. Thank you so much Charlotte and Kizzy,
    these got to be two of my fave comments ever!

    Would absolutely love to read about your values x


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