15. oktober 2012

What have I been up to #2

Picture: Every morning starts with joint breakfast with the rest of the house x

001. Monday.... Is it bad that I can't actually remember what I did last Monday? Time goes by so fast when you see and meet new things and people all the time!

002. Tuesday was spent partly in Hampstead partly in Central London. I went to the bank and got myself an English bank account! Luckily, it wasn't painful as I had anticipated. Sometimes I find such things as going to the bank, calling the dentist ect. scary cause I haven't really been doing it much. But it went really good!
I went out with a group of friends in the evening. Found a pub and basically had a smashing night. Three Irish gentlemen paid for every single one of my drinks so I actually had a night out paid for. Cheers to the Irishmen!

003. Wednesday was very chill. We might have been slightly hungover, so we didn't do much throughout the day. Slept late, watched a movie.

004. On Thursday I went to the doctor to get registered. Unfortunately I needed two proofs of my current address and as I only have one I'll have to come back another day. After that I spent the day with three friends where I went amok in Primark... It covered all of my lusts for shopping though, so it was probably quite good to get it out of my system.
Later that day most of K went on a pubcrawl. We went on 3-4 pubs here in Hampstead and it was really nice to talk to some new faces. For some reason Christine and I always wander off towards the end though; so we always end up walking to really strange places, not being able to find back home again. We always have fun though! Thursday was a really fun day.

005. Friday was very Wednesday-like.. I don't really ever do much the day after I've been out. Am I the only one?
I slept late, went for a run that turned out much longer than expected because I got lost in Hampstead Heath. So I did have a little adventure that day actually! I watched a movie and played a boardgame with some friends, had a lovely and much needed skypedate with my mum and nan. That was my exciting Friday ♥

006. Saturday was the day I finally got my English phone number! I took the tube from Hampstead to Chalk Farm after breakfast to have a little wander in Primrose Hill. We got a little lost though so without knowing where we were going we ended up right back home without realizing... So we pretty much walked a gazillion km. As we ended up back at the house we decided to just eat lunch at home and that was when we got our simcard in the mail. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon activating that, and then we went grocery shopping for a couple of hours.

007. Sunday was the most eventful day of the week. Christine and I went on a trip to Cambridge. We spent about 4 hours driving in a bus that day, but it was all worth it 'cause Cambridge is such a beautiful city. All the old colleges are as if taken out of a book. I took millions of pictures and I'll show a few handfulls of them very soon. When we got home at around 7 in the evening we ate some food and then we went into central London with five others to find a pub. Pubs are definitely my thing much better than going out at home in Denmark :)

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