12. oktober 2012

Ten things that've made me happy this week

 Stole this lovely post idea from the beautiful Rosie. Click her pretty flowery name and check out her blog, she is the definition of true English cosiness! I enjoy every single one of her posts :)

1. Received a wonderful letter from my mum. It's a little tough sometimes being away from home but small unexpected things like this makes it a little better xxx Love you mum.

2. Friendly strangers. Creating a bank account in another country scared me a little but the lady who helped me was SO lovely and kind, it couldn't have gone any easier thanks to her.

3. Watching small school children dressed in their uniforms walking home from school. It sounds weird, but they're just a real joy to look at.

4. Finding lots of cute little shops down narrow side streets in leafy Hampstead.

5. Long evening walks with Christine.

6. Old videos on my phone of my dear dog cheers me up when I miss him too badly.

7. Moving into a smaller room with two new lovely roommates that I get along really well with.

8. Spicey chicken spinach lasagne.

9. Buying and wearing lots of jumpers all the time!! I do love the Autumn weather.

10. Sneaking home late after a night out trying not to wake anyone in the house. My inner ninja comes out ;)

- the picture is a snap shot of my mum's letter. It says "Kisses from mum" x

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  1. I love these kinds of posts...am glad so many things made you happy doll, so lovely :)) I hope you have a wonderful weekend xx


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