12. oktober 2012

Skin products I really like

I've never considered my blog beauty related in any kind of way 'cause to be honest I don't know too much about it especially about makeup so it'd be useless for me to rave on about it. But there's more than a few skin products that I've been loving recently; so much that I'd really like to share them with you. I'll try and make it as short as possible!

1 • Vichy IDÉALIA - The idea behind this moisturising crème is, as the name states, to make your skin look as ideal as possible. It is designed to even out your skin tone and texture and that it does! It is no secret that I’ve suffered from pimples and dark spots more than the average teenager and an even skin tone has always been something I’ve desperately wanted. This crème helps me a lot with that, it moisturises my skin better than any crème I have ever tried before has been able to do and it truly evens out my skin tone and protects me against dark spots. What’s even more amazing about this product is that I’ve only been using it for less than two weeks and I’m already noticing obvious results. Most crèmes will take around 3 months to work properly but this crème is said to be working in just 30 days. And I’m already seeing the change in just 10!
Around £29 for 30ml. It is a bit pricey but I definitely think it’s worth every penny and I can see myself repurchase this again and again and again…

2 • Lush HERBALISM - A cleanser designed to remove ‘spots, grease and calm troubled skin’. This is such a nice and refreshing cleanser that you can easily put on. It’s a solid texture so you just have to take a pea size amount of it and a few drops of warm water in hand, mix into a paste and swing it on face! (Oh how it rhymes) So far it has left my skin feeling really clean and soft and fresh and I’ve liked it so much that I’ve been using it sometimes both in the morning and the evening as well. It hasn’t really helped remove the grease from my skin yet, but I have just only bought this a week ago, so I’ll have to wait for the full results. Also, I cannot rave enough about any kind of Lush products. They only make 100% natural handmade products – so no nasties on your skin!
It’s around £6,25 for 100g, but I’ve used it every day for the past week and it looks like I haven’t taken any product out of it! So quite a bargain I think.

3 • Lush 9 TO 5 - “A simple yet beautiful liquid cleanser for those times when you’re in a hurry and need to just cleanse and go.” – this really says it all. Super simple and easy to use, removes all traces of dirt and makeup and it’s just a really nice start to the day. I use it in the morning shower to remove all excess from my skin.
It’s £4,75 for 95g and £9,25 for 240g

4 • First Aid Beauty (F-A-B) FACE CLEANSER - Only just bought this at the beginning of this week, but I’ve already decided that I really like it. It has a different texture than most cleansers, it’s sort of whipped and blend it with water and it’ll turn into a rich cream. Very gentle on the skin, it really soothes any redness I have and leaves my skin matte.
I bought this for £14 for 295ml

5 • L’oreal NUDE MAGIQUE BB CREAM - This product has actually gotten loads of negative reviews but this is not one of them. I haven’t tried a lot of other BB creams so I can’t really compare them to each other, all I know is that I use this Nude Magique every single day if I’m going out in public. It’s such as light and easy cream to put on, it evens out your skin tone immediately, I get a 80% coverage from just this, and if I want a full coverage it’s easy peasy to just dap a little foundation here and there. Love love love this one! It comes out as white but as soon as you blend it in well (blend just like to would put your daycream on) it turns out the same as your own skin colour. It can leave a grey-ish cast but only if you don’t blend it enough. I know I’m definitely repurchasing this! You can buy this for £9,99 - which I think is a good price seeing as I've used it nearly every single day for a month and there's still at least half of it left.


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  1. These sound really lovely, will look into them!! I need to get some new products for the winter. I always use a cocoa butter for my skin and cocoa butter oil in the bath, it's really nice :)) Have a wonderful weekend xx


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