27. oktober 2012

Things I've learned about London (so far)

 This is in no way meant to be disrespectful to British people, you all know I very much love being here and desperately (quite sad actually) want to be one of you. These are merely observations I have.. observed?

● Everyone's overly polite. You literally say please behind every sentence and if you don't you're considered rude. People will even correct if you forget the 'please'.
- This doesn't bother me at all it's just very weird to me that the woman/man behind the checkout counter says 'please' when telling the price. It's not like I can refuse to pay now can I?

● You not only drive on the left side but tend to walk to the left as well.
- Very confusing when I've been taught to walk to the right my whole life.

● "Yeah you alright mate yeah?"
- English version of the American's "Hi how are you".

● Pubs close early. You're lucky if you can find a good nightclub that's open til 3 o'clock.

● People here are so nice! They'll gladly help you even if they don't know you. Sometimes they even come to you before you've had the chance to ask for it.

● Hogwarts isn't special with its school uniforms and British students.. That's how all schools are here.

● British people tend to choose the dirty tables in a resturant instead of the clean ones. Why?

● People will actually stand in que all the way out on the streets to get their starbucks coffee in the morning.

● We've had to cover our bottles of alcohol in a bag 'cause apperantly there's no public drinking?

● England is warmere than Denmark.

●  If an ambulance drives by you are guaranteed to go deaf.

●  Once you've been to Primark everything else is expensive.

● Most British celebs are only famous in the UK. I've never heard of 90% of them.

●  British people love sarcasm. And moaning. And talking about the weather.

● Bugger.

●  Pants are underwear - trousers are pants!

● There's not a lot of English things - everything's basically taken from other countries. Even tea!

● Using the self-checkout in shops is not always the fastest way.

● Never trust the weather - it's true!

● English radio is much better than Danish.

● Nanna means grandma. Therefore I shall be called by my middlename whilst living here.

● People have a strange love for all things deep fried.

● It's really expensive to live in London. Like ridiculously expensive.

● There's always something to do or something to see in London.

● It's normal for strangers to call you 'love' and 'babe'.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Haha, quite a few of these tickled me! "British people tend to choose the dirty tables in a restaurant instead of the clean ones. Why?"- you can't moan about a clean table, obviously ;)

    We might be overly polite and big fans of queueing, but dear God, we LOVE a whinge!

    1. Hahah, loved your answer!
      It's really good to know, must remember that in the future.
      A good whinge is perhaps the best way to make British friends, haha!

  2. These are so funny to read being British. If you need any London tips then let me know. There are LOTS of clubs that are open late, some that even start at 6am and run all morning so get in touch if you need any information xx Lizz

    1. I'm definitely going to take you up on that, thank you Lizz!x


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