28. oktober 2012

My daily life seen through my phone

1) After seeing hundreds of cards saying "From Nanna & grandad" and the bank lady telling how her grandchildren call her by 'Nanna' I have come to the decision that I shall be called by my middle name here in the UK. Hence Emma on my Starbucks cup (chai latte nonfat, my fave)

2) Lovely bunting on streets. Not quite sure if they mean anything but they were definitely pretty.

 3) + 4) If Selfridges can decorate for Christmas in October I can listen to Christmas songs. 

5) Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and a Chocolate Frog. They've only got one good jump in them haven't they?

6) Visiting Camden Market

7) I've been spending a rather big amount of time in the underground (sounds like I'm some kind of evil creature)

8) Recently discovered my new favourite candle smell! Cinnamon stick, it's literally Christmas and Cosiness in a jar. Treating myself this bad boy as soon as I get my first pay.

9) New floral mug from Cath Kidston, it was my first time ever in one of their shops and my friend had to drag me out of there. Really want a foral pajamas from their shop!

10) Fab candle cakes in Liberty.

11) LA Burger with avocado, cottage cheese and spicey nachos. We splurged a little that day and went for a big lunch.

12) New floral shoulder bag from Urban Outfitters. It was originally 28 pounds but I found it in the sale for only 5. It's not very Autumn-ish though but I always love a good floral item so I bought it and will probably use it for Spring or Summer.

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  1. Those are wonderful doll, am pleased your enjoying yourself so much :) xx

    1. So glad to have you back Kizzy, was so excited for your return, hope you've had a wonderful week xx

  2. Love all of these photos :) You look like you're having a wonderful time :) xxx
    I'm really enjoying checking out your blog!

    The Teapot Blog


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