6. november 2012

Advice from a tree

Today I put on my wellies, wrapped myself in my knitted scarf, grapped my camera and spent a whole afternoon in Hampstead Heath.

Nature has always meant a lot to me ever since I can remember. Especially forrests, I've always been drawn to trees for some reason. A lot of people tend to go to the beach and listen to the relaxing sound of the waves; that's where they find peace and quiet, but for me it's always been the forrest. It is like it has some kind of  therapeutic effect on me. It helps me clear my mind, process the bad things that's going on and focus on the good stuff.
Autumn is my favourite season purely because of the trees and all their colours.

I don't really feel like writing much. I think I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I adore trees, such a beautiful scene..love the photos :) xx

  2. Some absolutely gorgeous photos! looks really tranquil x

  3. Love the photos especially the one of the rock and the gate. Xx


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