8. november 2012

Ten things that have made me unhappy recently

Although things are going very well here in London, there are still those days where all I want to do is stay under the duvet, hide my face all day or have my mummy come over and make me some curry chicken and tell me everything is going to be just fine.

My life is 85% complete bliss at the moment, which is definitely something, I’m deeply grateful for but I still think it’s important to acknowledge those bad 15% because there would be no good without the bad, so really the bad things are what makes the good things great and it is therefore something we should take notice of.
So today I’ve written 10 things that have made me feel a little poopy lately.
 (Written in no particular order) 

1. Watching my friend cry

2. Realizing I’m not going to see my mum, dad or any family member until January

3. – Realizing I’m celebrating Christmas for the first time away from home

4. Skin breaking out, making me super self-concious

5. Knowing there’s this thing I’ve been putting off for years that I now have to deal with

6. Worrying about being away from my dog & grandmum who’s both advanced in age

7. Being disappointed that I haven’t made any British friends yet

8. Seeing a three-legged cat with no collar. Breaks my heart

9. Afraid to disappoint the people at my new job

10. Worrying about money

- photo quote from one of my favourite books "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". Took it from google

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  1. you have to look at the bride side of it, you took a huge step, knowing the new invironment is far from home. you must have courage. im sure within november you have made some friends. think possible and you will see how things coming to you

    best of luck

  2. Årh søde Nanna, håber alt bliver bedre!

  3. So happy I found your blog... I somehow couldn't find it through the comment you left on mine!

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling unhappy, but there's always a bright side, even if it is hard to find it sometimes. Hope you're ok!


  4. Oooh lovely!! These feelings are normal!! I came to the UK when I was 20 years old, I celebrated my 21st birthday here away from my family and everything I knew. I have been home once since I've left, due to money and just life happening. It can be hard and you feel alone at times. Your different from everyone and there aren't those who understand, but I do. I wanted to run back home so many times, but you will pick yourself up and go out and be ok. And things will get better, you will miss everyone, but you will be ok. You will make a life for yourself and find things out about yourself that you didn't know before. It's a majour growing experience. I'm hardly the same girl that came here so many years ago. Keep going out and soon enough you will make friends and all ill be just fine.Do your job to the best of your ability and you will shine, don't worry about disappointing others, think about being proud of yourself!! Make yourself proud, that's what matters!! Before long you will feel like you've been here all along, I promise ;) I miss home sometimes, but I think this place has along the way become home and given me what my original home couldn't give me...a place to feel like I had purpose to find my own way and face in the world and you will find it too :)) A BIG hug for you...if you need anything, just let me know ;) xo

  5. Sending big hugs your way!
    First time I spent christmas away from my family was very surreal in a way but we used Skype and spent a lot of time talking on that throughout the day which made up for it a lot.
    Always remember there is a bright side to life, you will find it soon


  6. Cheer up, sweety <3 I Hope you're not too unhappy about these things, even though I totalt understand how you must feel!
    I hope you are having a wonderful time with Charlotte! Hopefully I can come visit you too very soon :)

    I will send you a postcard very soon to turn your fround into a big smile :)

    Lots of love,
    Sofie Maibøll


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