9. november 2012

I appreciate my readers so much

Lovely chummy readers, a hearty thank you from me to you.
I cannot describe how touched I am by those of you who commented on my last post. Thank you so much. I honestly never thought anyone truly read these pointless words of mine.
Cheers for being wonderful to me, for actually putting energy and taking the time to care for a person you haven't even met.

It feels a bit silly to make a whole post just to say thank you, but you must know that it touched my heart :)
I have been very happy today thanks to all of you.
Have a lovely Friday evening, and enjoy the heck outta Saturday and Sunday (cause I'll be working...)

Anon, Charlotte, Nina, Collette, Kizzy, Rhiannon, Sofie.


ps. photos are of Christmas decorations in the house. tis nearly the greatest time of year!

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