13. november 2012

Share the Christmas Magic

"For my lovely girl in London.

Dear honey,
Here is a little hygge for December.
Think of me for each window you open.
I love you.
Kisses from mum."

When I was younger getting post in the mail was one of the best things ever. As I've gotten older, passed 18 to be exact, it's been much less fun. I've actually quite dreaded getting post for a few years now due to all the bills, bank informations and all those boring things. However, my love for post has completely returned since I moved to London! All though I do occasionally get those bank informations ect. sent my way it's mostly heart-warming little letters from my mum.

After a few weeks of walking away from the letterbox mumbling "No post on X-days" (reference to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone) I was extremely pleased to see a big brown package with my name on it written in my mums handwriting. I may have screamed a little and run up the stairs out of pure excitement. Or I may not have. What's important is that I got the loveliest present from my mum today.

I always have an advent calendar each December and I'd mentioned to my mum over the phone how sad I was that I wasn't getting one this year. And I really don't want to buy one for myself 'cause that wouldn't be very special now would it? So as the wonderful woman and best mum in the world that she is, she must have hurried out the next day and bought me one. Thank you, mum.

I'm getting an advent calendar in chocolate as well so I should be perfectly set with sweets for December mornings. I always open mine as the first thing in the morning, when do you open yours? If you don't feel too old to get them that is. Personally I will never want a Christmas without one. It's just such an important tradition - chocolate every day! 

Ps. 'hygge' cannot be translated into English. Which is too bad really as it's the best word in the world.

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  1. Hope you will enjoy it, my love :-)

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster award over at thesparklypanda.blogspot.co.uk

  3. That's so sweet and I totally agree: a) that's a lovely thing to get in the mail and b) it wouldn't be December without an Advent calendar.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog (at least I hope it was you as I couldn't get to your profile through my blog and had to google it ;-) ) I really appreciate it. Have a lovely evening xo

  4. I love getting packages, that's so sweet!! I agree with you :)) I hope you have a sweet week doll xo


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