20. november 2012

Harry Potter Studios, London

Dear chummy readers,
tonight's post is for all you fellow Harry Potter-fans out there.

My good friend Charlotte and I went to the Harry Potter studios in London just yesterday, Monday the 19th 2012 (I'll probably remember this date forever). If you can't tell already by those few sentences or any previous posts; I am a massive Potter fan.
My mum read me the first book when I was just 7 years old and continued reading the next ones until I was able to read myself. I've since read all the books multiple times, watched the movies until I knew the all words and spent lots of days daydreaming about going to Hogwarts while cursing being a muggle. Was actually quite upset at the age of 12 when I realized that I wouldn't really get a Hogwarts letter.
So as you can imagine, being a part of the Harry Potter generation (and quite quite happy about it) I was completely thrilled to be going to the Warner Brothers studios to see all the Harry Potter costumes, sets, props, etc. 

Can feel with myself right now that I'd be able to write a whole novel about this experience which neither of us really wishes to read so I'm just going to give you a brief summary of my trip.

We spent nearly 5 hours in there and could probably have used even longer time if we had gotten something to eat inbetween. There were so many things to see and so much to take in, I wish I'd worn my trainers with all the running-around we did! All the props were so cool and beautifully made and the sets, oh boy, they were amazing. It felt like I was standing inside the films, like Ron or any other character was going to pop in at any time.
We tried the butterbeer which I absolutely loved but I don't think Charlotte fancied it very much. We flew in the blue enchanted car and even took a quiditch lesson over the castle and through the streets of London!

My absolute favourite parts of the trip were seeing the great hall, Privet Drive, the Weasley's home, the castle, the boys' doorm, Dobby and Buckbeak (yep, just a few). It was also so thrilling seeing all their original costumes; they are literally tiny people though, so short and so skinny.

All the emplyees there were so lovely and kind and one even encouraged us to apply for a job there. Wouldn't be bad working there, would it.
After the tour I bought a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, a chocolate frog (I got Rovena Rawenclaw inside!), a bag of minty dark small chocolate frogs and the complete collection of all 7 books.
Already got them all at home, but haven't got the 5 first ones in English so I thought why not buy the whole box while I'm here.

We spent the rest of the evening  trying out the Every Flavour Beans making faces when we got some with nasty flavours; particularly didn't like the dirt or rotten egg flavor. But the sherbet lemon and earwax was quite nice.

All in all it was a truly magical day, definitely one of the best days I've had all year.
Have you ever been there, and have you written a blogpost about it? I'd love to hear and read about it!

PS. I actually tried not taking too many photos so I could just enjoy everything through my own two eyes, but I did manage to take some. I wanted them to look as though I was right there at Hogwarts etc. so I hope you get that feeling and enjoy them. x

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  1. I'm so jealous! It looks absolutely magical! Sadly, I won't be able to go there when I visit London in April but I think my dad's planning a London trip for the whole family and my sister is a massive Potter fan as well so I think I'll be able to go there. Asjghsjsg det ser bare fantastisk ud. Får helt lyst til at læse alle bøgerne og se alle filmene igen igen. :-)

  2. I really really want to go!!!! This is the second blog post I've read of someone who went there and now I am starting to get a tad jealous lol! I think I shall have to force Mr B.P. to take me next year!


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