21. december 2012

10 things that have made me happy ♥

To be honest I could fill them all out plus fifty more with things about being back home! But I've made the habit of writing things down that makes me happy as they happen so I've had a few others to choose from :)

1) People letting me know they were really touched when they recieved my Christmas greeting letters. Makes me so happy and confident that I'll carry the tradition on. Move over facebook and e-mails, no one can compare with an old fashioned handwritten letter.  

2) An evening filled with board games, candlelights, sweets, good friends and laughter. A kind of goodbye-night as lots of us in the house were leaving to go back home during Christmas.

3) A little homey café that serves the best chai latte ever. I quite fancy a chai latte but only ever the ones at Starbucks until I tried this one. I brought my book and sat there for a couple of lovely hours enjoying myself very much.

4) Embracing my mum for the first time in three months. Lots of happy crying, loads of happy sniffles and tons of happy smiles.

5) Finally finding the Cadbury Dairy Milk with oreo at the airport! Been looking for it for three months in both Sainbury's and Waitrose without any luck at all. It was better than anticipated so now I'll obviously have to write an exclamation mark-filled letter to the Danish supermarkets telling them to import Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate!

6) Wrapping up presents in cute wrapping paper from Marks & Spencers

7) Just being with my little dog again. Literally everything about him has made me happy; watching him run to the door in excitement as I ask him if he wants to go for a walk, waking up to him cuddled up next to me on my pillow between my head and shoulder, giving him a kiss every 10 minutes etc. ♥

8) Mum's homemade cooking ♡ oh, and add free food here as well!

9) Eating breakfast in the living room early in the morning admiring all our Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. I love the dark mornings and have really been enjoying them for the last few months.

10) And though I really could have picked another 10 this time I'll end the list with finally being behind the wheel again. Something exciting and freeing about driving after having taken the tube for three months ;)

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  1. Beautiful doll, am really pleased for all your good moments!! Enjoy your Christmas time with family and friends!! It's what matters most :) And I agree, real letters are far better than emails or messages on facebook, people need to do that more often!! I think I will push myself to do it more in the New Year actually!! Have a wonderful weekend, almost Christmas Day now :)) x

  2. What beautiful things, I would be totally happy too :) You are so right there is nothing like a handwritten letter.


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