20. december 2012

What's on my bedside table?

Usually my bedside table is covered with tea stains and old disgusting gum but I only just got home from England so I expect it'll be a few days before it's completely back to normal :)

Photo #1: My lovely bed and bedside table are just next to my bedroom door. I love my little bits and bobs and my pictureframes. The gold in the right corner is a little mirror I bought in a flea market. I've got loads of stuff like that in my room, think I'll do a room tour if anyone's curious?

Photo #2: A picture of my dad when he was a guard for our queen and an empty pretty bottle for perfume.

Photo #3: An upholstered tin containing my reading glasses and my gameboy and there's probably some old gum in there as well.

Photo #4: Inside my drawer I keep my nightbraces, phone charger, a few photos of old missed animals and one of my granddad. As you can see I also keep the book that I'm currently reading in there. I'm a little more than halfway through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Been reading HP1-5 throughout December and it's so lovely reading your favourite books during Christmas time.

What have you got on your bedside table? I was inspired to write this post because of Charlotte and her bedside-table-showing here.
I love simple real posts like this, so make sure to comment and tell me if you've already done this or are going to :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Everything is so pretty :) Love your candle/frame and perfume bottle display, I always have my laptop on my bedside table, this makes me want to move it and put some pretty things there instead x

  2. Haha, I've got a photo with a guard who looks just like your dad from when I visited Copenhagen a few years ago. I love posts like this! xx

  3. It looks gorgeous doll, love the picture of your dad, so precious!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself...Christmas day is almost here!! x


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