16. december 2012

Feeling good

A 6 minutes walk from home, down a cobbled narrow road decorated in fairy lights, a turn to the left and there it is, Oliver's Village Cafe. I've only been there three times, but it's three times in four days so I'd say it's quite a lot. Wish I could go there everyday or work there.

I went there this afternoon and had some lunch. Feeling a little adventurous I went for a vegetarian quiche (are quiche's always vegetarian?) as I've never had one before and completed it with a cup of chai latte there was large enough to last me a whole hour. I craved a slice of one of their yummy cakes as well but thought I'd better not as I wasn't actually hungry anymore and since I've been wanting to lose a little bit of weight. The quiche was very good, decided with myself that I must eat quiches more often.

As I sat there in the café snuggled up in my corner with my fooc, drink, HP book and Joni Mitchell playing softly in the background I realized just how happy, healthy and fortunate I am. I have been aware of this before but today I just really felt it in every fibre of my body.
I don't know if it's just me getting older or me being away from home or perhaps a mixture of both plus having a very great morning but it really striked me today; I love life.

So. Thanks. World. Thanks to everyone in my family for giving me the greatest childhood, an amazing family-bond, a security I can always count on. Thanks to all my dearest friends for being who they are. Thanks to those who reads my blog it absolutely brightens any poopy day. Thank you to all the strangers who treats me with kindness, thank you grass for being green, thank you everyone for everything.

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  1. Svar
    1. Thank you Nina, soo glad you noticed! x

  2. Thank you for being you :-)

  3. Wonderful, I love cozy places in the winter & I noticed the layout change too, I like it a lot and was that falling snow when I came here, it stopped, haha ;) xx

  4. Nope quiches can be meat filled too. A quiche lorraine is a very popular quiche here, it's made with cheese and bacon :) Like the new layout too.


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