11. februar 2013

15 facts about me (part 2/4)

16. I'm a vintage, romantic, lace, floral, pastel kind of girl.

17. It's ridicuslus how many times I've read the same book or seen the same movie.

18. One of my best friends and I used to take lots of pictures of ourselves, we spent hours running around playgrounds, forrests or fields just to snap some pictures. (one of them shown above)

19. I have had a big crush on Pierce Brosnan since I was little. Love how clean groomed and classy he's always been. They sure don't make boys like that anymore.

20. People has always seen me as very... elusive. I'm a daydreamer and it's hard to keep up with my dreams sometimes.

21. With that being said I'm still a very down to earth person, and my life goal and dream has and will always be to have a family. It's everything besides that that's quite undecided.

22. My mum is my greatest friend of all time. She's a blessing.

23. It's completely impossible for me to have a scab without itching. It's amazing my body isn't filled with scars.

24. Animals are better than people.

25. Peter Pan and Thumbelina are my favourite stories, ever.

26. Astrology facinates me a ton and I'm quite knowledgeable about zodiac signs compared to normal people.

27. I cry when I touch or cook meat with bones in it or if its skeleton is still in it. Especially with chickens.

28. If I hear a good catch phrase in a movie and I'll memorise it and wait til the perfect time to use it in my own life. I'm very lame.

29. I'm not very good at being teased. But I'm very good at teasing others.

30. From the age of 12-13 I played soft-ball and was quite good at it. I was either 1st base or pitcher which is quite weird cause today I'll scream and close my eyes if you throw me something.

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  1. Wonderful things about you, again we have a lot of the same in common! I can't help but pick at scab,s it's horrible and I must stop, but the more I try, the more I must pick at them, haha! That photo is amazing, love that!! Have a wonderful week ahead doll xx


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