13. februar 2013

I'm not you, no that would be disastrous

I have had a few (slightly emberassing, might I add) attempts at doing outfit posts before but it never really came out the way I imagined. I think I wished to copy and look like all the millions of other succesfull fashion bloggers there are out there and one thing I have never been good at is pretending to be someone else. And therefore I was doomed to fail.

Warning: soppy babble coming on!
As, unfortunately, a lot of other girls, being confident with how I look and actually liking my own body has never been something to file under my 'easy'-category. Especially when I was in my mid-teens. It's been a truly tough battle with lots of tears and horrible thoughts about myself which has led to a lot of parties and social gatherings, that I simply did not have the confidence to attend. I won't go into details about what it's meant for my life, but it has definitely created a lack of a lot of teenage-experiences one should have.
The battle is thankfully not to that extent any longer nor is it over, and though I hope with all of my heart it one day will be, I have a feeling that there will always be small wars here and there to be fought throughout my entire life. And I suppose that's alright, cause what is light without darkness?

Today I'm far better at appreciating myself but it does take a little makeup and the right kind of clothes to label me 'confident in public'. It gets easier as I grow older and wiser (sounds like a wizard), and I've educated myself in eating clean for the past few years and have gotten much better at embracing my body and realizing things such as "it's the only one you've got, so work with it", "it's the flaws that makes you beautiful" and "it's the best tool you'll ever get in life, the one that brings you sight, sound, feelings, taste, movement and dreaming".

So if you, yes lovely you reading this, has ever dealt or are dealing with low-confidence, believe not that you are the only one, cause I am here and know first-hand what it's like. Just remember; what you don't like about your looks, someone else might truly love. And there is a 98% chance that the things you hate and focus on on daily basis is something that's never even crossed anyone else's mind! x

Phew, that was a little deep and not planned. But with all that being said, here's what I wore today ;)

I've had such a bother finding a suitable spot for these pictures. I'm using my timer as I'm such a shy camera mouse and cannot imagine being comfortable infront of the lense anytime soon - especially if there's someone on the other side pressing the button; I'm a photographer not a model!

I paired this simple black skirt with a colorful pastel top and topped it with a big ring to bring a little life to it.
I'm actually not a big fan of jewellery, I like outfits as simple as possible, but my sister gave me this ring for Christmas, and it's got such lovely colors in it, that I can't help but love to wear it.
This outfit was worn for a completely normal day. Usually I'd wear jeans or leggins with a boring top for daily wear, but this top is new, and new clothes needs to be worn asap ;)
I think this outfit can be worn for pretty much anything though; cute for a date, girl's night, day at the office, family gathering or whatever you have in mind!

Have a brilliant rest of your day

ps. title inspired by Ed Sheeran song.

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