2. februar 2013

8 things that helps me pass my days

Being home all the time can drive you a little crazy sometimes so I've had to take up some old and new hobbies (other than doing house chores everyday) in order to keep myself busy;

- knitting; I started knitting a scarf last summer but never got around to finishing it, so now that I've currently got plenty of time on my hands, I've decided to finish what I started! I can always wear it next Winter...

- 30 day shred; you've probably heard of this challenge before, it's a 20-30 minute workout that you have to do each day for at least 30 days and you'll see great change in your body. It's really hard for me to work out each day, it's just such a bore. But this intense and rather short workout seems mangable enough to get through. I've started this before, but as most other projects I start, I never finished it. But now's the time. Even got my mum to do it with me!

- The Carrie Diaries; being a huuuge fan of tv-series, I obviously had to adopt a new series into my dull life. Sex & the City was always fun to watch but I was never a massive fan; this show however (Carrie Bradshaw as a teen) has taken me by storm. Absolutely love the charachter's, they're so natural and I have to admit I quite fancy Austin Butler who plays Carrie's love interest...

- Grocery shopping; since I got my own car it's been so easy getting around and I've been going grocery shopping 5 out of 7 days the last few weeks. Even if it's just an extra carton of yoghurt we need or if we're nearly out of dog treats - I'll go! Suppose it's not really a hobby but it might as well be considering how often I do it.

- Online games; The Wizard of Oz on facebook - addicted. Mum and friend is playing it as well, I've got to beat them! Virtual Families 2 on iPhone - annoyingly addictive. You have to build a family and their dream home, but their time works the same as our time, so it literally takes forever.
I've been playing these while waiting in the queue when grocery shopping! (multitasking)

- Reading Harry Potter; after I visited the Harry Potter studios and bought the whole book series (although I already owned them) I got completely obsessed with them once again and even read 1-5 in less than a month! After I came home to Denmark again though I forgot about them but I've taken them down from the shelves again and has now started number 6. Always makes me happy when reading these. Must never stop reading them.

- Cooking; is soothing, fun and the best part is eating it! I've loved cooking for a really long time now, but being home a lot gives me the opportunity to cook every single meal of the day. It's rather satisfying cooking everything you eat!

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  1. So have you left London and moved back home? I am slightly confused! :/

    1. Yes I'm back home in Denmark. My grandma was very ill and I wanted to be near her. I'd rather be with her but I'm reeeaally missing London :(

    2. Ah I see! I hope your Grandma is much better. I can totally understand why you needed to be back home.


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