1. februar 2013

Easy healthy cookie ❘ blogilates

1 banana + 1 cup oats + 1 handful rasins -> 15 minutes in oven = easy healthy cookies

Doesn't that sound a little too incredible? This easy recipe is from the fantastic Cassey Ho, see her directions and video here. I've been using some of her other recipes succesfully before and this one just sounded too easy peasy not to give a go. Honestly, only 3 ingredients and none of them being bad for you? I like the sound of that.

So I made them this morning for breakfast (oatmeal, banana & rasins, that's pretty much what I eat for breakfast anyway, just add the milk) and enjoyed them with a cup of mint tea. They were a little dry but I'm a big fan of dry food (I'm unusual indeed) and they were so filling, I was hardly able to finish the last one! (But of course I did...) The raisins were optional but they gave it a very nice sweet taste so I'll definitely add them again the next time.

My mum had one and did not want a second one. I ate seven. Suppose it's a matter of taste, but definitely give a go sometime, it's too easy not to!

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