7. februar 2013

What I ate Thursday

Berry Yoghurt 0,1%, 2 big spoonfuls of oat bran, 1 chopped apple with  a cup of morning tea.

Wholegrain sandwich bread, 1 boiled egg, salad and cottage cheese as 'dressing' with a coke zero.

A handful of sweets with a cup of my currently favourite chai tea. (enjoyed while watching Bachlorette)

Ovenmade dish; tenderloin served with vegetables and a glas of water.

So this is what I ate today and it couldn't be more typical really. I drink at least 2 liters of water each day and it's actually quite easy for me, but that's probably because I'm out of job and have the time for it ;)

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  1. Lots of yummy-ness, I feel like eating now ;) Have a precious weekend doll xx


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