7. februar 2013

What I wore today

Wearing jeans is an entirely new experience for me. I've never liked wearing them cause I've always hated my thighs with such passion that I'd rather hide them behind a skirt or a dress. If I did wear something with two holes in it would either be leggins, stockings or sweatpants cause they are much more comfortable and can be worn underneath other things that would hide my legs.

Now, I still don't love my legs, but a personal goal I set for myself when I 5 months ago left for London was to start wearing jeans and trousers and be happy about it. It took me quite a while to get used to it and, oh gosh, there were more than a couple of days where I would put on a pair of jeans and then after several minutes of starring in the mirror chicken out and put on a dress instead. Imagine how limited I've been when it comes to dressing myself!

Why I feel like writing all this down is because today I've had such a splendid day doing nothing but a little house work, respond to my emails, read my book, watch telly and take pictures of my food. A very relaxing day and at some point I stood in my bedroom, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized; I put on jeans today. On a day where I could actually just have worn my pj's all day! Now that's some serious progress. 19 years of fear of wearing jeans cured in no less than 5 months.

My secret method of dealing with my fear? Determination and happy thoughts.

I also realized that Smuth and I were matching. How cute is he in that little sweater? ;)

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